“The tour guide was excellent, so enthusiastic, informed and full of interesting stories.”
Jenny – Teacher A level English Alton College

Learning - KS5 and further education

Be inspired

Gothic Inspiration
Be inspired by one of England’s most elegant and eccentric Gothic houses and the home of Gothic literature. Students will tour the House with one of our expert guides and then explore the House through writing, photography and visualisation.


  • Architecture portfolio days (Design and technology)
  • The Sketch Book (Art and design)
  • Paper and Pattern (Textiles and interiors)

We offer one-day workshops for students considering a visual art degree or diploma level (e.g. Art and Design, Architecture, Textiles, Interiors etc.)

For students applying to visual art institutions this workshop will help them to develop a portfolio of work which demonstrates their abilities, an understanding of how space and light can be manipulated, skill in observational drawing and experience of inventive built forms, textiles, pattern...

These one-day workshops are designed to help prospective students:

  • explore the resources of Strawberry Hill House
  • sketch the House for your portfolio
  • develop a visual literacy and understanding of a built and decorative environment


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