“It was such a fantastic and positive day and it was brilliant to hear the girls say 'wow' as they walked around the house.”
Hilary – Head of Art Waldegrave School

Learning - KS3 to KS4

Discover Days

  • The Strawberry Hill Penny Dreadful
    Be inspired by one of England’s most elegant and eccentric Gothic houses and the home of Gothic literature. Students explore the House through character, suspense and the gothic cliché, whilst gathering ideas for development of a Penny Dreadful to be completed at school.
  • Gothic Comics
    Using the House as inspiration we will work with the children to create story ideas for development into a comic story line. Then using photography and ICT equipment will turn their Marvel(ous) ideas into Gothic Comics.
  • Strawberry Hill House & Orange Tree Theatre present ‘A passage of Macbeth’
    A 90 minute session including:
    - Promenade theatre: acts 1.7, 2.2 and 'is this a dagger?'
    - Actors workshop: alliteration, assonance, iambic pentameter, irregular verse and the historical context of Macbeth
    - Atmosphere workshop gathering photographs and sketches to illustrate scenes from the play.