Can you help us to ensure Strawberry Hill House & Garden is enjoyed by future generations for many years to come?

We’re a small independent charity and we do not receive regular government funding. Therefore, we need to fundraise to care and maintain one of the most important historic sites in the world.

Over three years, through the Tercentenary Appeal, we hope to raise £300,000. These needed funds will enable us to support Strawberry Hill House & Garden including; our education and outreach work, paying for on-going maintenance of this 18th century building and continuing to maintain our historic garden.

In 2017, as we celebrated Horace Walpole’s 300th Birthday, born in 1717, we would like to welcome donors and supporters to contribute £1717 or £300 – two significant numbers in the Strawberry Hill story. In doing so, each person who donates will be recognised in an archive that will be treasured in our Library for future generations.

Tercentenary Patron £1717
Your name will be listed as a supporter on a glass panel at Strawberry Hill House

Tercentenary Donor £300
Your name will be listed as a supporter on our website

USA Donors
Donors in the USA can make a tax efficient donation by completing this form and returning it to CAF America.

All donations, however small, make a big difference. You can donate by clicking the Donate Now button below.

A big thank you for your support!

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