Led by one of our expert guides, primary school sessions all include an interactive tour and explore the house through creativity, interactive games and story creation. We then offer a choice of creative workshops designed to fit with the national curriculum. Our cross-curricular linked workshops include:

Marvellous Miniatures (half day visit) Reception and KS1
Using the House and Horace’s collection of treasures as inspiration, children create portraits fit to be displayed in Walpole’s cabinet of miniatures. They’ll parade through the magnificent Gallery in Eighteenth Century costume and then decorate picture frames or treasure boxes for their special self-portrait.

The Fairytale Castle (half day visit) Reception and KS1
Our enchanting ‘fairytale castle by the Thames’ is a storybook setting where children spot battlements and turrets, knights in armour, coats of arms and heraldic beasts. Dressed as Eighteenth Century lords and ladies they’ll enjoy the splendour of the Gallery and then create headwear fit for a King or their very own coat of arms to take home.

Gothic Comics (half day visit) Year 5/Year 6
For this truly immersive learning experience, the historic rooms are used as the setting for a spooky story. Using the iPads, pupils are supported to develop and star in their own graphic story page with props and costumes. Marvel(lous) ideas become gothic comics at Strawberry Hill.

After the session you are welcome to stay on to picnic in our beautiful grounds or explore the woodland walk with its wonderful wildlife and storytelling glade for your own Fairytale experience.

If you would like to become a partnership primary school and participate in our teacher training programme with subsidised workshops tailored to your curriculum plan, please contact learning@strawberryhillhouse.org.uk

‘The session was pitched perfectly to meet the needs of the children. The team were wonderful at managing and inspiring the children during the session and all pupils were highly engaged and involved throughout. Would highly recommend to other teachers. The learning outcomes achieved were outstanding – pupils’ knowledge and understanding certainly developed. Children were encouraged to be creative and imaginative, and lots of opportunities for follow up work have come from the visit. Certainly staff, as well as pupils, learned from the session!’

Stanley Primary School



Join our Education Team for one of our Discover Days – workshops that will spark students’ imaginations for all things Gothic.

What is Gothic? (half day visit) KS3
The workshops give the students a sound background in the Gothic genre, which is really useful as preparation for the discussion of Gothic context at GCSE level.

For bespoke visits such as English and Art discovery days please get in contact for more information.

I am definitely planning on using Strawberry Hill as an annual trip for the year 8 classes, they absolutely loved the experience of being in a Gothic setting. The visit definitely reinforced everything that the Year 8s learnt about what features you would see in a Gothic setting.‘ Long Close School





Students will be inspired by one of England’s most elegant and eccentric Gothic houses and the home of Gothic literature, touring the House with one of our expert guides.

‘Students really enjoyed the day and learnt what Gothic is in a way that can’t be achieved in a classroom.’ Lewes 6th Form College

“A must see for anyone interested in Gothic Literature. Fantastic!’ Undergraduate student, Texas


Strawberry Hill House is frequently host to talks on a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, art history, architecture, literature and fashion. A popular, consistent feature of our events programme is the Gothic Book Club, a free reading group that covers some of the seminal texts of Gothic Literature. We also run a programme of practical workshops throughout the year that incorporate all kinds of arts & crafts.

We work with national partners, such as The Arts Council and Campaign for Drawing, as well as local partners, such as Arts Richmond and local libraries, to promote art, design and literature in the community.

To find out more and pursue your interests further at Strawberry Hill House visit our What’s On page.

Alongside our programme of general community activities, we also offer targeted workshops and courses, working with isolated and vulnerable groups.

Working with the local authority, various charities and partner organisations we provide workshops and longer courses designed to share new skills, raise self-esteem and promote enjoyment. We work with skilled practitioners in areas including gardening, food growing, art, craft, printing, sewing, music, healthy walks, natural remedies, photography, printing and computer skills.

If you or someone you know would like to take part in our community activity programme, please contact our Community Development Manager, Claire Leighton by email at Claire.leighton@strawberryhillhouse.org.uk or by calling the office on +44 (0)20 8744 1241.

Strawberry Hill House has numerous volunteering opportunities that help to build and support the community that has grown around our on-going projects. To learn more please visit our Volunteering page.

Strawberry Hill House and Garden runs an exciting and creative family learning programme to inspire and engage the whole family within the magical castle setting.

New for 2017 are ‘Walpole Wednesdays’. To celebrate Horace’s 300th birthday our spring/summer holiday family activities are being transported back 250 years to explore the enchanting world of Strawberry Hill through crafts and creativity.

To learn more about events for families at Strawberry Hill visit our What’s On page or contact Charlotte Hawkes at learning@strawberryhillhouse.org.uk

Such a well thought out session with the dressing up, story telling and craft session. There’s a lot of fun, listening and creativity all in an hour. My grandson and I both loved it.’ Ellie

The ‘Explore Inspire Engage’ programme at Strawberry Hill House interprets the historic House and gardens for pupils with learning difficulties using site-specific resources, supporting learning through discovery.

Pupils have the unique opportunity of exclusive access to a historic property. The experience is bespoke and based around a multi-sensory story tour. Additional activities include dressing up in period costume and sowing ‘magic’ beans in the garden – making the sessions a truly immersive experience. We work in partnership with local special schools on a project basis.

For more information please contact our Learning Manager, Sally Stratton by email learning@strawberryhillhouse.org.uk

We need more and more experiences like this‘ Head of Secondary

I have worked in the special needs field since 1998 and have never previously experienced a time when our pupils have been given the opportunity to explore such a historic venue in a way that motivates and meets their individual needs.’ Head of Secondary

What's On

Grand Tour Talks: Cultural diplomacy in the Grand Tour between Rome, Florence and London: the role of Cardinal Alessandro Albani

26 May 2022 at 7.30pm, Doors open at 6.30pm. Online and In-person tickets available.

LGBTQ+ House Tour

22 June 2022 at 7pm

In Focus Display: The Grand Tour (Included in general admission)

27 March 2022 - 24 July 2022

Guided House Tours – Last Sunday of the month.

27 March 2022 at 10am

- 31 July 2022

The Walking Theatre Company presents: The Wonderland Adventure

21 August 2022 at 11.30am

Twilight Tours

2 March 2022 at 6.30pm and 7pm

- 7 September 2022

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Strawberry Hill House is internationally famous as Britain’s finest example of Georgian Gothic Revival architecture.

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